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The Wiernsheim locations.

Wiernsheim is integrated into an appealing, economy-based region.

Wiernsheim is a portion of the Enz district, thereby lying in the heart of a dynamic and innovatively-oriented economy-based region. The Municipality itself has a strong economically-oriented imprint covering a diverse and multi-faceted industry-mix. With a trade income tax collection rate amounting to 330 percent, the Heckengäu territory Municipality ranges favourably in the upper middle-field

Due to the Municipality’s highly accessible and easy to reach location between the A 8 (6 km) and the B 10 (8 km) thoroughfares and its proximity with the high population density areas of Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Pforzheim, a good number of highly-productive and efficient small and medium-sized enterprises have settled in Wiernsheim.

Are you too contemplating on bringing your business to Wiernsheim? Good idea. Contact our Mayor, Mr. Enz, accordingly.

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