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Fundamental principles.

Brief and specific.

After a brief review of the legislation in force and some general information on municipal councils, some concrete data on the status in Wiernsheim is also provided.

As embodied in article 28, subparagraph 2 of the Basic Constitutional Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, cities and municipalities are granted the right to municipal or local self-government. This signifies that they are granted the faculty, within the limits of the law, of regulating their own affairs self dependently and on their own authority. The citizens thus elect their municipal representatives and mayors on this principle. In Baden-Württemberg, the specific form of municipal or local self-government and the bodies elected thereto, are regulated by way of the local government code. According to which the municipal council and the mayor constitute the municipal administrative bodies.

Some general information on municipal councils

The municipal council stands in representation of the citizens and constitutes the principal municipal body. The council determines the fundamental principles for municipal administration and passes resolutions on all municipal affairs, except as whenever it is the mayor himself that is specifically competent by virtue and operation of law, or whenever the mayor has been accordingly delegated to the affairs in question by the municipal council.

The municipal council is constituted by the Mayor as the Chairman plus the volunteering members (Town Councillors) that are elected for a five-year term. Local elections were last held on June the 13th, 2004. This means that 2009 is another election year: voting day has been set for the 27th June.

Status in Wiernsheim

For municipalities with over 5,000 but not more than 10,000 citizens, the standard number of Councillors is 18. However, due to the fact that the Wiernsheim municipal council seats pertaining to the representatives of the municipal wards need to be assigned by way of the so-called “false partial district ward election” ratio, it may occur that by reason of the foregoing election process, the number of final council seats may differ from the standard prescribed number.

As of the last elections, the Wiernsheim municipal council is constituted by the Mayor plus 20 Councillors, of which ten from the Wiernsheim municipal ward, three from the Pinache municipal ward, three from the Serres municipal ward and four from the Iptingen municipal ward. Further particulars on the individual municipal council members are provided under the "Municipal Council Members" section, whilst further details on elections are provided under the "Elections" section herein.

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