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The Mayor. Karlheinz Oehler.

He who pulls the Wiernsheim Municipal strings. Further to holding numerous other offices and posts.

Bild des Kopfes des B?eisters und im Hintergrund die vier Wappen der Ortsteile

Mayor Karlheinz Oehler

Mr. Oehler is

  • Mayor of the Wiernsheim Municipality as of the 02.04.1982. He is currently holding his fourth term of office
  • Member of the Enz district county council as of 1984 and chairman of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) parliamentary group as of 2004
  • Member of the District county council Environment and Traffic Commission
  • Representative of the Wiernsheim municipality in the Bodensee water supply Management Authority Assembly Meetings
  • Chairman of the “Platte” district School Board
  • Chairman of the Glattbach and Kreuzbach Combined sewage and wastewater treatment plant Management Authority
  • District Chairman of the Mid-Enz District Small Animal Breeders Board

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