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Energy Mission Statement. Fundamental principles and guidelines of our Municipal Energy Policy.

In year 2006, the Wiernsheim Municipality formulated an Energy Mission Statement, setting forth the Fundamental principles and guidelines of the Municipal Energy Policy. The Wiernsheim Municipality Energy Mission Statement is consistently subject to updates.

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Foreword and objectives

The following text taken from the Wiernsheim Municipality Energy Mission Statement integrates the objectives set forth by the Municipal Energy Policy:

"The earth is only on loan to us by our children! We are therefore committed to guarding it well!

The quality of our natural living space must be consistently safeguarded. We want to attend to environmental issues knowledgeably and diligently, for sustainable enhancement of the current quality of life levels.

We aim to warrant responsible management of all our processes and activities, for any resource we may have available. We shall tirelessly and actively encourage the deployment of regenerative energy.

Based on the energy report issued in 2008, our combined efforts in Wiernsheim from year 1994 through to year 2007 contributed to a reduction of the yearly carbon dioxide emission in the energy sector of up to -6% per inhabitant, i.e. to 4.3 t/a*per total number of inhabitants and population equivalents.

Within year 2020 we shall endeavour to raise this level to 15%."

Fundamental Principles of the Municipal Energy Policy

The fundamental principles of the Municipal Energy Policy integrate the following topics:

Sustainability, exemplary municipal functions and activities, consolidation and strengthening of local added value, sponsorship of energy efficiency measures within the framework of overall district core restoration and remedial actions further to benefits for the deployment of renewable energy, individual or private motor car traffic reduction strategies and, specific counselling sessions for the Mayor of the Wiernsheim Municipality.

Principal guidelines of the Municipal Energy Policy

The principal guidelines of the Wiernsheim Municipal Energy Policy regulate the following energy related areas:

  • Reduced energy consumption and environmental impact
  • Effective and convenient energy demand coverage
  • Public relations activities
  • Management, internal organisation flows and communication

Fundamental Principles and Guidelines: implementation and performance

Within the framework of overall district core restoration and remedial actions, the Wiernsheim municipality encourages the implementation of energy saving measures and the conversion and refurbishment of heating systems in private households and residential buildings. In addition to restoration and remedial activities, both the deployment of renewable energy and the construction of low-energy houses will be subsidised by the Municipality.

For what concerns the mobility sector, the Wiernsheim Municipality is consistently working at improving the local public, private and commuter traffic systems in order to promote better connection facilities to the “VVS”, i.e. the Stuttgart Integrated Public Traffic System, via the outskirt thoroughfares between the “VPE”, i.e. the Pforzheim Enzkreis Integrated Public Traffic System and the “VVS”, i.e. the Stuttgart Integrated Public Traffic System itself. On the basis of assessed mobility values, a first lot of successful results have already been recorded on the Iptingen / Nußdorf road.In the meantime, well constructed pedestrian and bicycle lanes have been provided between the various Wiernsheim wards and districts, capable enough to relieve the district centre traffic.

The Wiernsheim Municipal Council as well as the Wiernsheim Municipality Administration are conscious of their responsibility and stewardship and are fully aware of their role as models in energy related issues. With the execution and construction of the very first Plus-Energy nursery school in the whole of the Enz district, the Wiernsheim Municipality set an impressive example of energy achievement potential.

For all their energy planning, energy consumption and energy supply and provision issues, the Wiernsheim Municipal Council is counselled and supported by the Experimental Housing und Urban Development "ExWoSt II” workshop services.

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