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Facts & Numbers.

Following is a brief and incisive description of Wiernsheim in figures.

A set of statistical, municipal data - and not only for those of you that love numbers!

Population figures of the single wards (updated as at  December 2008)

  • Wiernsheim: 3,387
  • Pinache: 1,227
  • Iptingen: 1,114
  • Serres: 756

Range of water hardness grade: 13.3° measured in German degrees of hardness, which amounts to an average water hardness grade (updated as at  December 2007).

Further data

Further data plus overall statistical data on Wiernsheim and all the other municipalities is published on the homepage of the Baden-Württemberg Official Statistical Bureau website.

Here you will furthermore also find data on the labour force population, on gainful occupation and employment, on agriculture, education, culture, tourism, energy, on the environment as well as on the commercial and industrial economic system.

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