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The Wiernsheim Twinning Links spread over three continents.

The Wiernsheim municipality is twinned with New Harmony (USA), Pinasca (Italy) and with Ayancik (Turkey).

Pinasca (Italy)

The link with the Pinasca municipality located in the Chisone valley in Italy was finalised on the 25th of September 1982, with the undersigning of the twinning agreements by Karlheinz Oehler, Mayor of Wiernsheim and Riccardo Richiardone, Mayor of Pinasca.

The historical roots of this twinning link are to be researched in the final banishment from the Chisone valley in 1698, of all the Waldenses with French origins. The Waldenses refugees were allowed to spend the winter of 1698/1699 in Switzerland, but by spring of the new year, they had to be on the move. It was Frederick Carl, Duke of W√ľrttemberg in Stuttgart, that arranged for areas of land to be made available for the religious refugees to settle on, so that by the end of June, 1699 the settlements that today have grown into Pinache and Serres, had already been founded. Further information is available via the website.

Ayancik (Turkey)

The city twinning agreement with the Turkish City of Ayancik was established in1998. The link aims at strengthening the integration of the fellow Turkish citizens living in Wiernsheim, further to strengthening bonds of friendship between the German and Turkish communities.

New Harmony (USA)

The twinning link with New Harmony was established on the 23rd of August, 1980. Considering the strong historical bonds between the two municipalities, the purpose of the link is to encourage a more comprehensive understanding of the past that we have in common, in order to be able to really contribute to a common future.

The common past being corroborated by the fact that in year 1803/1804 Mr Georg Rapp, born in the actual municipal ward of Iptingen, was forced to leave Germany as a Separatist and sailed to North America, where he became the founder of the religious sect called the Harmonists, Harmonites, Rappites, or the Harmony Society. Approximately another 700 of his followers hailing from the main districts of Vaihingen/Enz and Maulbronn also left for America over the following years, where they later proceeded with founding the New Harmony commune in 1814/1815, whilst in 1825 they founded the town of Economy.

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