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Welcome address.

Good day and a hearty welcome to the

It’s wonderful to have you visiting the new, virtual, town council hall! Via this site you have the opportunity of browsing through information and data relating to the Wiernsheim municipality facilities, quickly and comprehensively.

Mayor Karlheinz Oehler

Mayor Karlheinz Oehler

The following website pages thus provide for plenty of updated information on Wiernsheim, a municipality embracing the principles of “Sustainable Wellbeing”, together with its municipality wards Pinache, Serres and Iptingen. Not only will you find information concerning administrative as well as town council issues, but you can enjoy browsing through the publications on community life, current events and on tourist sight-seeing venues. There are tips on the ongoing recreational activities in Wiernsheim and surroundings, on the contact-person data in as far as the local associations and clubs go, further to an events calendar covering cultural and sports arrangements and happenings.

This website offers round-the-clock, unrestricted access plus an impressive amount of new functions. Do not hesitate to use it and to contact us directly on line, although for some matters the personal application desk located in the town council hall is of course still necessary. The Council Hall Team will always be very pleased to receive personal visits from you in the municipality facilities and to assist you with any advice and action as necessary.

It will furthermore be our pleasure at all times to receive any helpful suggestions and ideas for improvement that you may be willing to advise us of, so that we are sure to keep on providing the best services possible.

Trusting you have an enjoyable time browsing through the site, I remain,

Your Mayor,
Karlheinz Oehler

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